Institute of Technology Management

Name Research Interest Phone E-mail Web
Ying-Che Hsieh Technology Management; Human Resource Management; Employment Relations; Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability (03)5742417 more detail
Mei-Chih Hu National Innovation System, East Asian Latecomers Strategy, Intellectual Property Rights Management, Emerging Industries in East Asia (03)5162162 more detail
SHIH-CHANG HUNG Strategy-as-Practice, Institutional Entrepreneurship, National Innovation Systems, Qualitative/Case Research Methods (03)5742448 more detail
Hung-Chang Chiu Marketing Management, High-Tech Marketing, Services Marketing (03)5742220 more detail
Yuan-Chieh Chang Open Innovation、Internationalization of Research and Development 、Academic Entrepreneurship、Development and Business Model of Energy Services、Entrepreneurship Research、Technology indicators Research、Inclusive Innovation of Technology─Services (03)5742251 more detail
Chuan-Kai Lee Industry analysis、New Marketing Tactics、Entrepreneurial management (03)5742215 more detail
Yu-Wen Liu Human Resources Management、Performance Management、Organizational Behavior (03)5742246 more detail
Ching-Yan Wu Innovation and Entrepreneurship、Management of Technology (03)5162139 more detail
Kyoung M. Shin Local Governance、China’s Environmental and Energy Policy, Politics, and Governance、Center-Local Relations、State-Society Relations、Political Economy of High-Tech Innovation (03)5742248 more detail
Chan-Yuan Wong Social Studies of Sciences and Technology、Economic Growth and Development、Strategic Studies、Policy Studies (03)5742442 more detail
Ker-hsuan Chien Energy transition、Socio-technical system、Value chain analysis (03)5162537 more detail