(2019 Fall) IPhD International Course:【Translating Social Science Theory into Behavior Change Design】

2019 Fall

NTHU iPhD Program International Course


Translating Social Science Theory into Behavior Change Design


Instructor: Gary Hsieh, Associate Professor, University of Washington, USA.

Date: 10/1815222911/5  13:30-16:20

Venue: Room 205, B side, General Building II

Credit: 1

Course Number: IPHD5001

Course Description:

Through this course, students will be introduced to existing behavior change theories, frameworks, and research. They will gain an understanding of factors that influence why and how behavior changes. Utilizing these insights, students will practice theory-driven design to nudge positive behavior change. They will analyze current behavior change applications and discuss behavior change design ethics.

This course id offered in English, please select it in academic system directly.


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