【Laval Virtual Festival 2023】 Call for Papers & Campus Project( postponed the deadline to Jan. 31)

Founded in 1999, Laval Virtual Festival is the first international exhibition and forum in Europe focusing on virtual/augmented reality and immersive technology. Every year it showcases the most innovative technologies and equipment. Forums are held on related emerging topics, and global artists are invited to use virtual/augmented/mixed reality technologies to present new looks and immersive experiences of digital art.

This year's 5-day Laval Virtual Expo (April 12-16, 2023) will have exciting virtual reality/extended reality (VR/XR) content exhibition experiences and groundbreaking research results, and it is also a rare opportunity to network with future partners or industries and meet people from a diverse range of disciplines.

Sponsored by National Tsing Hua University's International Intercollegiate Master and Ph.D. program, participating events in the "Campus Project" exhibition of the 2023 Laval Virtual Expo are soliciting students from the International Intercollegiate Master's and Ph.D. program interested in participating in the exhibition or publishing their doctoral research papers.

  • Works exhibition: The focus is on digital art creation or experience of virtual/augmented/mixed reality. The theme of the content is not limited, and the submitted materials should include a description of the work, the schematic diagram of the presentation method, and a reference video or image file (high-resolution file) of the work.
  • Theme of paper: Metaverse, we welcome paper which can include technology development, artistic creation or theoretical conception, etc. This publication will be conducted together with a forum composed of doctoral students from Paris 8 University.

Event Date: April 12-16, 2023
Publication of Papers (scheduled): April 15, 2023

Please submit the exhibited works or the abstract of the paper (within 1000 words) to iphd@my.nthued.tw before Jan. 11, 2023 Jan 31, 2023. If there is a need to further explain the work, the selection method will be notified separately.

*The program will assist in covering part of the travel expenses of the publisher, and details will be given after the funding is confirmed.


- Laval Virtual Festival 2023:https://www.laval-virtual.com/

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