2023 Spring Intensive Course: Making 3D Virtual Animats(Course Number: 11120IPHD5019)

Making 3D Virtual Animats 3D虛擬創意動物 - Blender共創工作坊(科號:11120IPHD5019)

Professor Chu-Yin CHEN 陳珠櫻 教授 & Mr. Swann Martinez
5 days: 2023/2/7(二) ~ 10(五), 6:00pm-9:00pm; 11(六)10:00am-6:00pm

Workshop description:
The objective of this workshop is to teach students 3D modeling and basic animation on Blender. Blender is an open-source software used in many industries from animation to medical to create and process synthetic images.
This workshop will have an important collaborative dimension, as the learners will be in the same virtual space and will work together to create a collective work. They will use a real-time collaboration solution for digital creation in Blender. By connecting to an online session, they can build and interact in the same 3D scene and in the same temporality.
Applied to industry, this method makes artists aware of the work in progress on the stage and parallelizes the creation of the different stages of fabrication.
Applied to computer graphics teaching, real-time collaboration puts students and teachers in the same virtual space. This proximity favors mutual aid and allows the teacher to efficiently detect students in difficulty and help them.

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