Engineering and System Science


Research Interest Phone E-mail Web
Chih-Hao Lee Synchrotron Radiation Applications; Neutron beam applications; Condensed matter physics and chemistry; Material characterization (03)5715131 ext. 34281 more detail
Fan-Gang Tseng Nano/Micro Biomedical and Fluidic Systems, Biosensors, Micro Fuel Cell (03)5715131 ext. 34270 more detail
Hsiang-Yu Angie Wang Microfluidics, Renewable Energy, Bioenergy (03)5715131 ext. 34243 more detail
Kuang C. Lin Computational fluid dynamics; Chemical kinetics of low-carbon fuels; Aerosol filtration; Battery thermal management; Hemodynamics (03)5715131 ext. 34365 more detail
Tsan-Yao Chen Sub-nanometer materials Science, Catalyst Chemistry, CO2 conversion materials and their applications (03)5715131 ext. 34271 more detail