Photonics Technologies


Research Interest Phone E-mail Web
L. K. Wang Fiber Optic Communiation, Measuring Optical Fiber Sensor, Nonlinear Fiber Optics, Solar Cell (03)5742580 more detail
Ming-Chang M. Lee Micro-Opto-Electro-Mecanical System, Nonlibear Sillicon photonics, High-speed CMOS photonics components, III-V, Ge on Si optoelectronics, Microfludic and bio-photonics (03)5162216 more detail
Ray-Kuang Lee Quantum Optics, Quantum Information Science, Theoretical Optics (03)5742439 more detail
Fan-Yi Lin Nonlinear Physics of Semiconductor Lasers, Ultra-Wideband Secured Communications, High-Precision Radar and Lidar, Biomedical Imaging, Sensing, and Monitoring, Collision Avoidance System (03)5162185 more detail
Yu-Chueh Hung Organic and biopolymer materials & devices, Plasmonics, Metamaterials, Optical Communications (03)5162175 more detail
Ming-Chang Chen High power ultrafast laser system, High harmonic generation (HHG), Attosecondgenration and measurement, EUV light source, EUV imaging (03)5162436 more detail
Chen-Bin Huang Nanoplasmonics, Optical and MMW arbitrary waveform generaions, Applications of optical frequency combs, Nonlinear optics (03)5162180 more detail
Yen-Chieh Huang Laser photonics, nonlinear optics, laser-driven particle acceleration (03)162340 more detail
Shang-Da Yang Ultrafast optics, Nonlinear nano-photonics, Optical signal processing (03)5742583 more detail
Shiuh Chao Optical Storage, Optical Thin Film, Nonlinear Optical Materials and aveguides (03)5731151 more detail