Service Science


Research Interest Phone E-mail Web
Jyun-Cheng Wang Social Networks、Community、E-Commerce、Patent Analysis (03)5715131#42247 more detail
Chen-Ya Wang Service Encounters、Cross-Cultural Services Marketing、Service Recovery (03)5715131#42219 N/A
Fu-Ren Lin E-commerce、Data/text mining、Knowledge management、Service science (03)5715131#42216 N/A
Sheng-Fen Lin Social Media Marketing、Thematic Planning report Entity-Relationship Model (03)5715131#62531 N/A
Galit Shmueli Business analytics、Statistical and data mining methodology、Big Data、Online markets (03)5715131#62545 more detail
Pei-Fang Hsu Value of Information Systems、E-Business、Wireless Telecom、Industry Analysis (03)5715131#42221 N/A
Soumya Ray Online Behavior、Switching Costs、Online Security、Online Communities (03)5715131#62141 more detail
HsiuJu Rebecca Yen Service Innovation and Design、Management of Service Firms、Consumer Behavior in Services、Service Marketing (03)5715131#62146 N/A