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Smart Manufacturing & Digital Decision General Section


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Computer Science

Prof. Shang-Hong Lai

Computer Vision
Video Processing
Multimedia Technology
Face Processing
Theory of Computer Vision
Introduction to Deep Learning
03-5742958, 03-5731100 lai@cs.nthu.edu.tw More detail

Computer Science

Associate Prof. Chi-Yuan Chou (Jerry Chou)

Distributed Systems
Cloud Computing
High-performance Computing
DDoS and Routing
Storage Systems
Cloud Programming
Introduction to Big Data and AI
03-5742801 jchou@cs.nthu.edu.tw More detail

Computer Science

Associate Prof. Che-Rung Lee

Numerical Analysis
Scientific Computing
High Performance Computation
Computer Programming
Cloud Computing
03-5731207 cherung@cs.nthu.edu.tw More detail

Computer Science

Associate Prof. Hwann-Tzong Chen

Computer Vision
Pattern Recognition
Computer Vision Visual Effects
Theory of Computer Vision
03-5731309 htchen@cs.nthu.edu.tw More detail

Electrical Engineering

Prof. Chia-Wen Lin

Video Communication
Network Multimedia
Image/video Signal Processing
Application of Machine Learning to Multimedia Content Analysis
Image Processing
Theory of Machine Learning
03-5731152 cwlin@ee.nthu.edu.tw More detail

Industrial Engineering

Prof. Wu, Chien-Wei

Quality Engineering and Management
Process Capability Analysis
Statistical Inference and Applications
Statistical Process Control
Six Sigma Methodology and Applications
Data Analysis
Smart Manufacturing Operations Management
Basic training of Statistical analysis software
03-5742657 cweiwu@ie.nthu.edu.tw More detail

Industrial Engineering

Prof. James C. Chen

Advanced Planning and Scheduling
Lean Production
Supply Chain Management
Enterprise Process Reengineering
Project Management
Smart Manufacturing Operations Management
03-5742695 james@ie.nthu.edu.tw More detail

Industrial Engineering

Chair Prof. Chen-Fu Chien

Decision Analysis
Data Mining
Hospital Management
Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology and Analysis
Technology Management and Service System
Decision Analysis
Big data Analysis and Data Mining
Big Data and Decision Analysis
03-5742648 cfchien@mx.nthu.edu.tw More detail

Industrial Engineering

Prof. Kuo-Hao Chang

Stochastic Optimization
Applied Probability and Statistics
Monte Carlo Simulation
Financial Engineering
Stochastic Optimization
Market and Marketing
Simulation Analysis
Big Data and Decision Analysis
03-5742337 chang@mx.nthu.edu.tw More detail

Industrial Engineering

Prof. Ming-Chuan Chiu

Product Service System
Sustainable Design
Service Innovation
Smart Manufacturing
Innovation and R&D Management (in English)
03-5742699 mcchiu@ie.nthu.edu.tw More detail

Institute of Statistics

Prof. Nan-Jung Hsu

Time series analysis
Time series analysis
Industrial Statistics and Data Science
(03)5715131 ext.42646 njhsu@stat.nthu.edu.tw More detail

Institute of Statistics

Prof. Ching-Kang Ing

Model Selection
Asymptotic Theory
Nonstationary Time Series Analysis
High Dimensional Data Analysis
Mathematical Statistics
Industrial Statistics and Data Science
Time Series Analysis
03-5742645 cking@stat.nthu.edu.tw More detail

Chemical Engineering

Prof. Shan-Hill Wong (David)

Process System Engineering
Chemical Thermodynamics
Chemical Process
Unit Operation
Advanced Chemical Thermodynamics
03-5721694 dshwong@che.nthu.edu.tw More detail

Power Mechanical Engineering

Distinguished Prof. Jen-Yuan Chang (James)

Mechanical Vibration
Dynamic System and Control
Robotics (AI, Soft, Anthropomorphism, Medical Treatment, Collaboration, assistance)
Intelligent Machinery and Manufacturing
Electromechanical Integration
Magnetic Recording and Data Storage Systems
03-5742498 jychang@pme.nthu.edu.tw More detail

Power Mechanical Engineering

Prof. Chuan-Kang Ting

Artificial Intelligence
Evolutionary Computing
Intelligent Machinery and Manufacturing
Machine Learning
Data Exploration
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Technology
03-5715131 ext.42611 ckting@pme.nthu.edu.tw More detail

Power Mechanical Engineering

Distinguished Prof. Hung-Yin Tsai

Smart Manufacturing
Artificial Intelligence
Image processing
Automatic Optical Inspection
Advanced Manufacturing Process and Carbon-based Material Manufacturing Process
Nanometer Manufacturing Process
  (03)5742343 hytsai@pme.nthu.edu.tw More detail

Institute of Service Science

Associate Prof. Yuan-Chi Tseng

Interactive Science and Design
Design Science
Thinking and Methods
Behavioral Economy and Behavioral Design
Computing Medicine and Health Promotion Design
Social Participation and Collaborative Design
Psychology + Design
Human-Computer(AI/Robot) Interaction
03-5162547 yc.tseng@iss.nthu.edu.tw Morer detail

Quantitative Finance

Prof. Chuan-Hsiang Han

Applied Probability
Financial Engineering
03-57162551 chhan@mx.nthu.edu.tw More detail

Institute of Management of Technology

Prof. Ying-Che Hsieh

Corporate Ethics
Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development
Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Business Ecosystem
Human Resource Management
03-5742417 ych@mx.nthu.edu.tw More detail

International Intercollegiate Ph.D. (iPhD)

Prof. Hung-Wen Chen

Smart manufacturing
Precision Medicine
Smart Agriculture
Precision Laser Processing
Advanced manufacturing technology Advanced manufacturing technology
(03)5715131 ext. 35204 hungwen@mx.nthu.edu.tw HW GROUP

Institute of Management of Technology

Distinguished Professor Trappey, Amy J. C

Knowledge Engineering
IP Analysis and Management
Engineering Asset Management
03-5742417 trappey@ie.nthu.edu.tw More detail





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