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Division of Humanity


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Hsin, Shih-chang
Computer Assisted Language Learning, 
Distance Chinese Language Teaching,
Language Course Design,
Language Policy,  International Chinese Development, 
Chinese Education for Overseas Chinese 
hsin@mx.nthu.edu.tw More detail
Tsai, Ying-Chun
Contemporary Literary Theory,
Chinese Literary Criticism
03-5742744 yctsai@mx.nthu.edu.tw More detail
Intellectual History, 
Social History,
Local History, 
History of Ming-Qing Dynasty,
History of Hydraulic Management in China 
N/A cyli@mx.nthu.edu.tw More detail
 Huang, Shu-Min Cultural ecology, Economic anthropology, Society and Culture on Han Chinese       03-5715131#42826 smhuang@gate.sinica.edu.tw More detail
Hsu, Hui-chuan Phonology, Chinese dialectology, historical linguistics N/A huichuanhsu@mx.nthu.edu.tw More detail
Yi-ching Josephine Su Cognitive science, language acquisition, psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, developmental language disorders, sentence processing 03-5715131 ext. 34512 ycsu@mx.nthu.edu.tw More detail

Acquisition/Psycholinguistics Lab

Shu-Fen Chen

Chinese morphology
Middle Chinese phonology
Buddhist esoteric mantras, the translation of Sanskrit Buddhist scriptures
Teaching Chinese as a Second Language
03-5742723 chensf@gapp.nthu.edu.tw More detail

Su-Chuan Chen

Social Linguistics
Studies in Taiwanese Phonetics and Phonology
03-5715131 ext 72612 suchuan@mail.nd.nthu.edu.tw More detail

Yi-Long Huang

History of Chinese Science
China-Europe Cultural Interaction
Ming-Qing History
History of Pseudoscience
Military History
Study of Red Chamber Dream
E-textual Research
N/A ylhuang@mx.nthu.edu.tw More detail

Cheng-hwa Tsang

Palaeolithic and Neolithic archaeology in Taiwan, South Chinas and Southeast Asia
Settlement Archaeology
Underwater Archaeology
Social Archaeology
Cultural Heritage Management
03-5743049 zzhggl@gmail.com More detail

Rur-Bin Yang

Body Theory
Mythical Thought
Collection and Identification to Cultural Relics
(03)-5715131#42741 rbyang@mx.nthu.edu.tw More detail
Chia-Wei Li
Evolutionary Biology
Biological Conservation
03-5742750 cwli@life.nthu.edu.tw More detail

Yueh-chin Chang

Chinese and Austronesian Phonetics
03-5742704 ycchang@mx.nthu.edu.tw More detail

Chin-Shou Wang

Environmental Sociology
Environmental Planning and Management
Community Development
School Culture
General Education
03-5742837 jujuwang2@gmail.com More detail

Nun-Sian Tsai

Archaeological science
Collection and Identification to Cultural Relics
N/A nstsai1@gmail.com More detail

Liu Shu-Chin Liu

History of Taiwan Literature
Colonialism and Literary Production
Modern Chinese Literature in the Northeast China
Taiwan Aboriginal Literature
03-5162069 wakenlily@yahoo.com.tw More detail

Shr-tzung Shie

Literature in Postwar Taiwan
Cinema of Taiwan
Cultural Theories
03-5715131#34334 elliot_emerson@msn.com More detail
Wei-Tien Tsai
Syntax-Semantics Interface
Chinese and Austronesian syntax
03-5715131 Ext. 34550 wttsai@mx.nthu.edu.tw More detail

Chuan-hui Mau

Global History of Sericulture Industry
Cultural and Technological Exchange between Sino-Western
Intangible Cultural Heritage and Industrial Heritage
History of Technology
History of Maps
N/A chmau@mx.nthu.edu.tw More detail

Barbara Meisterernst

Chinese historical syntax and morpho-syntax
Historical linguistics
Syntax-semantic interfaces
Buddhist Chinese
N/A meisterernst@mx.nthu.edu.tw More detail

Alexei Volkov

History of mathematics
History of science and technology in China and East Asia
03-5742406 lang.yuan.tw@gmail.com More detail

Kyoung M. Shin

Local Governance
Environmental Policy and Energy Policy in China
Politics and Governance
Relationship between Central and Local Governments
State-Society Relations
Political Economy and Hi-tech Innovation
03-5742248 shin@mx.nthu.edu.tw More detail

Hsiu-chuan Liao

Austronesian Linguistics
Historical Linguistics
Syntactic Typology
Syntactic Theory
03-5715131 ext. 34445 hcliao@mx.nthu.edu.tw More detail
Yu-chung Lee
History of Spanish Maritime Exploration
Regional History of Southeast Asia in Early Modern China
History of the Philippines and Early Taiwanese History (Old Spanish)
N/A yclee@mx.nthu.edu.tw More detail

Jia-Ming Ying

History of Mathematics in East Asia
History of Science in East Asia
History of Northeast Asia
N/A jiaming.ying@mx.nthu.edu.tw More detail

Teng-Ta Yu

Zhu Xi
Yangming School of Mind
Zhan Ruoshui
03-5715131 ext 72617 yutengta@mail.nd.nthu.edu.tw More detail

Chi-Ying Chang

History of Ming and Ching Dynasties
Social and Economic History
03-5162361 chiyingchang@mx.nthu.edu.tw More detail

Li-hua Chen

Taiwan History
History of Hakka Ethnic
History of Local Society
Historical Anthropology
03-5162365 lhchen101@mx.nthu.edu.tw More detail

Kuo-Sheng Wu

History of Liao, Chin and Yuan dynasties
History of Inner Asia
History of the Mongol Empire
Historical Records in Hu Yu (Hu Language)
Historical Linguistics(Tangut、Manchu、Turkic Script、Sogdian)
N/A wukuosheng@mx.nthu.edu.tw More detail
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