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International/ Intensive Courses

Course Number Semester Course Namd Link
IPHD5001 2019 Fall Translating Social Science Theory into Behavior Change Design Link
IPHD5002 2019 Fall Foundations of Quantum information Link
IPHD5002 2020 Fall Quantum Machine Learning  
IPHD5001 2021Spring Quantum Algorithms for Optimization and Machine Learning  
IPHD6011 2021Spring Strategic Management  
IPHD5001 2021 Fall Quantum Machine Learning I:Machine Learning applied to Quantum Technologies  
IPHD5002 2021 Fall Introduction to Quantum Computing  
IPHD6013 2022 Spring Strategy and Value Creation  
IMS 5038 2022 Spring 3D real-time interactive, co-creation and sharing platform  
IMS 5040 2022 Spring New Media Art and Music Technology  
IPHD6014 2022 Fall Principles of Management  
IPHD5001 2023 Spring Bio-Micro/Nano Fabrication and Therapeutic Application  
IPHD5019 2023 Spring Making 3D Virtual Animats-Co-Creation Blender Workshop  
IPHD6013 2023 Spring Strategy and Value Creation  
IPHD5001 2023 Fall Making A Difference through Service-Learning  
IPHD5002 2023 Fall Lifelong Learning in Theory  


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