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NTHU iPhD program-Division of Humanities combines various faculties and multidisciplinary teachers of NTHU to provide diverse and multidisciplinary courses and flexible course selection. The program cooperates with world-renowned universities to cultivate trans-national and cross-field talent and seeks to recruit students from Taiwan, mainland China, and abroad.  The humanities group includes the field of Chinese language teaching and the field of international sinology.  In the field of Chinese language teaching, first-rate visiting scholars are often invited to give lectures. The courses comply with international standards, and conduct Chinese language teaching research and practical exchanges with renowned schools around the world, so as to equip teachers for teaching Chinese as a foreign language and talents for international cultural exchanges. The International Sinology studies program supports teachers from various academic fields including history, technology, archaeology, cultural anthropology, literature, linguistics and language education, law, sociology, education, philosophy, political science, economics etc. and provides an academic field, and prioritizes the cultivation of culturally-adept Chinese Studies students.

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