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Education and Learning Technology


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Wang, Tzu-Hua
e-Learning、e-assessment、information literacy、problematic Internet use / Internet addiction、science education、STEAM interdisciplinary education、digital instant feedback strategies、Integrating ICT into teaching


tzuhuawang@mx.nthu.edu.tw more detail
Hsieh, Chuan-Chung Positive Education、Positive Leadership、Education Administration、Education Leadership、Innovation Management、Mindfulness Education、Creative Teaching、Curriculum Development、Positive Psychology Research) (03)5715131 ext. 73023、76292 hsieh3@mx.nthu.edu.tw more detail
Chiu, Fu-Yuan
VR/AR Educational Game Design, STEM Robotics Programming Education, 3D printing

(03)5715131#73034 / 76253

chiu.fy@mx.nthu.edu.tw more detail


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