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The preliminary application for Ph.D. degree Examination (2024 Spring)

The preliminary application for Ph.D. degree Examination (2024 Spring)

First batch preliminary application: March 1st - March 10th, 2024

Second batch preliminary application: May 1st -May 10th , 2024

Applicants: Applying for Dissertation Defense in the Spring semester in 2023 academic year

(Reminder! All students must undergo the preliminary application then they can take the degree examination application.)

Required materials:

(1) Application form

(2) Ph.D. Candidate Application Form

(3) CV or Resume (including the list of writings, SCISSCIA&HCIimpact factor, Q1-Q4 Ranking)

(4) Published journal papers

(5) Official transcript

(6) Originality of the Ph.D thesis (described within three pages)

Iphd office will announce the meeting date, time, and place. Applicants must provide ppt for 8-10 minutes and introduce their research to the committee.

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