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2024 Spring NTHU iPhD Program Intensive Course: Qualitative research methods for analyzing society:A Case Study of Japanese Culture(Course Number: 11220IPHD5002)

2024 Spring

NTHU iPhD Program Intensive Course


Qualitative research methods for analyzing societyA Case Study of Japanese Culture

Instructor: Professor SHIRAMATSU Satoshi (Faculty of Education, Ehime University, Japan)


Apr. 26 (Fri). 18:00-21:00

Apr. 27 (Sat). 14:00-17:00

Apr. 28 (Sun). 14:00-17:00

May 3 (Fri). 18:00-21:00

May 4 (Sat). 14:00-17:00

May 5 (Sun). 14:00-17:00

Venue: Room 205, B side, General Building II

Credit: 1

Course Number: IPHD5002

Course Description:

The objective of social research is to recognize and comprehend various social phenomena and people's lives by gathering and analyzing data and materials. The focus of this class is on qualitative research, which is not dependent on statistical calculations or numbers, and we will learn various qualitative research and analysis methods. First, this course primarily provides qualitative research methodologies and strategies for analyzing society.  The second section examines a case study using qualitative research methods in three areas: culture, education, and social issues. The focus of this course is on culture, which includes comics, cartoons, Otaku/Geek/Nerd culture in Japan. In regards to education, we will talk about classroom management in the 21st century and teachers' narratives.  Our consideration of educational issues includes the declining birthrate, regional revitalization, education, and economic revitalization. At the conclusion, students will use their qualitative research knowledge and methodology to create a brief report and give a presentation.

This course id offered in English, please select it in academic system directly.

Contact: yy_lin@mx.nthu.edu.tw, Ms. Lin, Ext. 35065

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