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Law for Science and Technology


Research Interest Phone E-mail Web
Fan, Chien-Te Bio-Tech Law, Economic Regulation, Fair Trade Law, Energy and Nature Resource Law, Intellectual Property Law (03) 5715131 ext. 42426 ctfan@mx.nthu.edu.tw more detail
Tsai, Chang-Hsien Corporate Law, Securities Regulation, Financial Law (03) 5715131 ext. 62144 chstsai@mx.nthu.edu.tw more detail
Weng, Hsiao-ling Constitution、Administrative Law、Communication Law、Soil and Water Conservation Act (03)5742835;(03)5162030 hlweng@mx.nthu.edu.tw more detail
Ching-Fu Lin Artificial Intelligence Law and Policy, Law and Technology, International Law and Global Governance, Regulatory Theory (03)5762535 chingfulin@mx.nthu.edu.tw more detail
Peng, Shin-yi International Economic Law, Info-Communications Law, Digital Trade, Data Governance (03)5715131 ext. 42428 sypeng@mx.nthu.edu.tw more detail


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