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Research Interest Phone E-mail Web
Kong, Albert high-energy astrophysics, compact binaries, black holes, neutron stars (03)5742619 akong@phys.nthu.edu.tw more detail
Jiang, Ing-Guey exoplanets, formation and evolution of planetary systems, galactic dynamics, galactic structure (03)5742258 jiang@phys.nthu.edu.tw more detail
Chang, Hsiang-Kuang high-energy astrophysics, neutron stars, Trans-Neptunian Objects (03)5742952 hkchang@phys.nthu.edu.tw more detail
Chen, Huei-Ru Star formation, radio astronomy (03)5742518 hchen@phys.nthu.edu.tw more detail
Lai, Shih-Ping Astrophysics, Star and planet formation, Interstellar magnetic fields, radio and infrared observations (03)5742531 slai@phys.nthu.edu.tw more detail
Tomo Goto Cosmology research, Dark Energy, Supermassive black holes, Cosmic reionization, Infrared space telescope, Gravitational lenses (03)5742682 tomo@phys.nthu.edu.tw more detail


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