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Materials Science Engineering


Research Interest Phone E-mail Web
Tzu-Wei Wang Biomaterials, Nanomedicine, Tissue Engineering, Drug Delivery (03)5715131 ext. 33856 twwang@mx.nthu.edu.tw more detail
Po-Yu Chen Biological and Bio-inspired Materials, Biomedical Materials, Biomineralization, Biomechanics, Surface science and technology (03)5715131 ext. 33889 poyuchen@mx.nthu.edu.tw more detail
Chih-Huang Lai Magnetic thin films and devices, MRAM, Thin film solar cells (03) 5715131 ext. 33822 chlai@mx.nthu.edu.tw more detail
Yu-Lun Chueh Solar cell, 2D materials, Resistive change memory, Optoelectrical materials and measurements (03)5715131 ext. 33965 ylchueh@mx.nthu.edu.tw more detail
Jwo-Huei Jou Polymer Materials、Organic light-emitting diodes、Thin film stress analysis、Expert system applications (03)5715131 ext.42617 (Lab:42618) jjou@mx.nthu.edu.tw more detail


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