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Chemical Engineering


Research Interest Phone E-mail Web
Yu-Chen Hu Genetic Engineering, Gene Therapy, Tissue Engineering, Vaccine Development, Synthetic Biology, Biorefinery (03) 5718245 ychu@mx.nthu.edu.tw more detail
Shih-Yuan Lu Nanomaterials & Nanostructure, Photocatalytic Water Splitting, Solar Cells, Supercapacitors, Biosensors (03) 5714364 sylu@mx.nthu.edu.tw more detail
An-Chung Su Polymer Physics, Soft Matter (03) 5753357 acsu@mx.nthu.edu.tw more detail
David Shan Hill Wong Chemical Engineering Thermodynamic, Process System Engineering, CO2 Capture and Utilization (03) 5721694 dshwong@che.nthu.edu.tw more detail
Sinn-wen Chen Phase Diagrams and Their Applications, Thermoelectric Materials, Electronic Solders (03) 5721734 swchen@mx.nthu.edu.tw more detail
Jane Wang Tissue Engineering, Biodegradable Polymer, Medical Devices Design, Drug Delivery, Microfluidic System (03) 5715131 ext. 33649 janewang@mx.nthu.edu.tw more detail
De-Hao Tsai Colloid and Interface Science, Particle Technology, Aerosol Technology (03) 5169316 dhtsai@mx.nthu.edu.tw more detail


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