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Dr. Hung-Wen Chen

陳鴻文 Hung-Wen Chen   


      Assistant Professor

      Office: Room A604, Side B, General Building Ⅱ
      TEL: +886-3-571-5131 ext. 35204
      Website:HW GROUP
      Academic Publication:google scholar_Hung-Wen Chen


2009-2014 PhD in EECS, MIT
2004-2006 MS in GIPO, NTU
2000-2004 BS in Physics, NTU


Dr. Hung-Wen Chen is currently an assistant professor in iPHD program and a jointly appointed assistant professor in Institute of Photonics Technologies at NTHU. He has been selected as the 2020 Yushan Young Scholar. After graduation from MIT, he had a startup in Wuhan in 2014. In 2016, he joined Delta Research Center in Delta Electronics, Inc. He started Advanced Green Photonics Center and developed several smart manufacturing solutions to tackle several long-standing issues, especially in the electronics assembly industry. These solutions include novel laser/optical applications for precise machining and sensing, value-added artificial intelligence, and robotic automation.

※Research Area & Expertise   

Research Area:Smart Manufacturing/Precision Medicine
Expertise:Laser-Material Interaction/Laser Machining/Optical Inspection/Artificial Intelligence/Automation & Robotics/Femtosecond Fiber Laser


2023.11 2023 Delta Young Technology Scholar Award in Smart Manufacturing
2023.09 2023 FutureTech Award
2022.12 19th National Innovation Award
2020.04 NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute Ambassador / Certified Instructor
2020.03 Research consultant, Center for Measurement Standards, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
2020 Convener of NTHU Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program

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